Aion: NCSoft to whip out a ‘major update’ every year

How often will NCSoft whip up something big for Aion players? According to brand manager Christian-Peter Heimbach, the studio is planning to toss out at least one “major update” for the MMO once per year. The “major” part of the wording, apparently, is still being ironed out.

“There will be at least one major update a year,” Heimbach told VG247 in a recent interview. “You know this from our previous titles. We’re currently adjusting on how we’re going to make these available, but there will be free content updates for all players, and we’re looking then at how big the major updates will be.”

We like Aion and we like free content updates. The latter of our likes depends on the game sticking around, of course. So how long will Aion — an MMO with some good steam, positive buzz, and long-ass queues — be able to last against World of Warcraft? We’re hoping for a few years at the least.

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