Ahimsa Park action figure location Destiny 2 – They’re Not Dolls Triumph

They’re definitely dolls

In Destiny 2: Lightfall there are multiple collectible action figures available that resemble Cloud Striders. Much like the lucent moths in The Witch Queen expansion, these are time-gated and in the first week of the season, there are only two available to collect. Collecting all of these action figures will complete the They’re Not Dolls triumph. There are nine to find in total, all hidden quite sneakily throughout Neomuna.

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To find the clue for the action figure in Ahimsa Park, first, use the Strider’s Gate landing point and then jump down to the right. You’ll see a yellow building with a palm tree on either side of its entrance. Go into this building and you’ll find a series of location markers with clues. The Ahimsa Park marker is to the right.

To Ahimsa Park!

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Head for a spot directly in the middle of Ahimsa Park. There’s a large building in the middle of this area which is accessible via a small tunnel nearby. A lot of enemies will spawn in the room, deal with these to prevent dying whilst collecting the action figure. Turn around and look at the nearby staircase which has a handy gap, just big enough for a Guardian to fit in. How convenient!

Slip through this gap and you’ll find the action figure tucked away towards the back. Walk over to it and interact to collect it. Head back to Strider’s Gate and down to the building where you found the clue. You can place the action figure here to progress the They’re Not Dolls Triumph.

Destiny 2: Lightfall is out now for Xbox, PlayStation, and PC.

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