Agony turns to Kickstarter to help bring its hell to life

Seeking $66,666 CAD in crowdfunding

After a back-to-back Hellraiser binge over the weekend, my mind is suitably warmed up to enjoy seeing more of the horror adventure game Agony. It looks and sounds so fleshy! Between the heaps of discarded bodies, the teeth-lined walls, and the unnerving, statuesque figures that sure do seem like they could spring to life any second now, my eyes don’t know where to turn. The audio-visual unpleasantness is enveloping, just as it should be in a game about escaping the clutches of hell.

“To induce anxiety, fear, and shivers on your back, you can’t rely only on well-known images, but you must reach deep into your own mind and get rid of the limitations, drawing inspiration from there,” says Madmind CEO Tomasz Dutkiewicz. “This is the only way to reach the deep-seated fear of death and suffering, and Agony will draw inspiration mainly from this place.”

The designers are hoping to get Agony ready for a Q2 2017 release on PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One, and they’ve put together a Kickstarter campaign to help get them there. The goal? $66,666 CAD.

Past that, stretch goals range from an endless mode to VR support (can we… can we even handle that?) to multiple endings and more playable characters. I hope at least some of that comes to fruition.

Agony [Kickstarter]

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