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Agnea Bristani Character Guide

Agnea, we are but men. ROCK!

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Agnea is the Dancer of Octopath Traveler 2. She is a support focused character who can notably enhance the physical and magical attack of your other party members during battle. That said, she can also inflict basic wind damage and unequivocally damage enemy shields, so she has some offensive capabilities to utilize. For best results, Agnea should be given equipment that boosts her speed and evasion so she can buff allies before they attack.

Agnea exclusively uses Daggers, so she’ll need Secondary Jobs to equip more weapon types. That said, absolutely do not underestimate this Dancer’s capabilities. Check out what she can do below.

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Agnea’s Path Actions and Talents

Agnea’s primary Path Action is Allure. This allows her to recruit NPCs to the party that she can call into battle a limited number of times. NPCs can virtually use any ability in the game, though you typically can’t select who summoned NPCs will target. Note that Allure has a chance to fail if Agnea is at too low of a level, and failure will tarnish your party’s reputation.

That said, Agnea’s Talent Dance Session might discourage you from actually using any followers. This perk lets NPCs augment her skills with a wide variety of additional effects (pictured above). These can activate when using any Dancer skill, including attacks like Dagger Dance.

Finally, Agnea gains access to the Entreat Path Action at night. If Agnea is at a high enough level, she can freely take items from NPCs. This is one of easiest item-based Path Actions to use in the game, so make sure to Entreat as often as possible!

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Dancer’s Job and Support Skills

Here are all the Job Skills Agnea can acquire via her base Dancer job. The last skill listed requires obtaining the other skills first.

Lion Dance: Raise the physical attack of a single ally for 2 turns.
Ruinous Kick: Unleash a powerful physical attack on a single foe, and reduce their Shield Points regardless of their weak points.
Peacock Strut: Raise the elemental attack of a single ally for 2 turns.
Sweeping Gale: Deal wind-based damage to a single foe.
Stimulate: Move a single ally’s next action up 1 spot.
Dagger Dance: Unleash a dagger attack on all foes.
Bewildering Grace: Cause a curious effect* to occur 1 time.
[Divine Skill] Sealticge’s Seduction: Extend the reach of a single ally’s skills to all for 3 turns. This does not affect divine skills or skills that only affect the user.

*Here’s what curious effect means in Octopath Traveler 2: you will receive a random positive or negative result when Bewildering Grace is used. The more BP you invest in the skill, the more likely you are to get a positive effect. That said, you will never be immune to the possibility of receiving a negative effect. If you’re very lucky, you can massively increase your EXP and JP gains or fully restore your party. If you’re very unlucky, the party will receive massive damage or have their BP depleted.

Finally, here are the Support Skills for the Dancer  job. These will unlock as you learn more Job Skills.

The Show Goes On: Extends the duration of augmenting effects granted by the equipping character by 1 turn.
Ever Evasive: Enables the equipping character to more easily evade enemy attacks.
Hard Worker: Receive additional JP after battles. (Equipping multiple characters with this skill will have no added effect.)
Invigorate and Inspire: Slightly fills the target’s latent power gauge when the equipping character grants them an augmenting effect.

Agnea’s EX Skills

EX Skills are character-specific skills. One will be acquired by finding the Altar of the Lady of Grace, the other will unlock after completing Agnea’s story.

Windy Refrain: Deal wind-based damage to all foes, and cause your allies to act first on the next turn.
Song of Hope: Extend the duration of a single ally’s positive status effects by 1 turn. This does not affect divine skills.

If you’d like to read about Agnea’s Latent Power, check out our dedicated guide here!

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