Agetec’s wacky LOL to be available via online purchase only

Agetec today has announced that their odd little multiplayer title for the Nintendo DS, LOL, will be bucking convention and will be available for purchase online only. 

For those unfamiliar with LOL, it’s a game that doesn’t really ship with any games. Sounds weird? Well, it is. This multiplayer-only game has players making challanges in writing to one another, and everyone answers as they so desire — words, a picture, whatever. The host then reveals the answers, and everyone votes on a winner before moving to the next round. Hilarity ensues. As they say, “the game is only boring if you’re boring.” No really, they actually say that. 

Agetec’s Hiro Fukuoka says that they’re currently looking for an online retailer to do exclusive pre-orders with, but the game will be available on May 30 from for $19.99. Fukuoka is hoping that the game will catch attention in a similar fashion to Nintendo’s Electroplankton.

Sounds like a good party and/or drinking game. For people with friends, this looks like a game you might want to pick up. So … do you have friends, or what?

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