Age of Empires: Mythologies scribbles its way to the Nintendo DS

When Hesiod sat down to write out Theogony, he probably didn’t think that his gods would be utilized in a Nintendo DS game. Then again, he probably didn’t think his brother would be so deceitful either. Today, Nintendo announced Age of Empires: Mythologies, a spiritual successor of the popular PC RTS.

Mythologies will feature the Greeks, Norse, and Egyptian armies in a tiny showdown of military and economic superiority. Players will have the opportunity to choose a set of specific gods to gain powers that will directly impact the result of battles in both single player and multiplayer modes. The multiplayer will feature up to four players over Nintendo Wi-Fi on a plethora of maps with customizable rules and a skirmish mode that will let players develop their own unique armies.

It will also have single card game sharing, which should help if your mother hasn’t quite got over that whole Brain Age thing yet. Mythologies is being classified as a “turn-based strategy” and is slated for release this November.

Brad BradNicholson