Agarest War 2 gets Move support for massage, bath scenes

Compile Heart has updated Record of Agarest War 2 in Japan with a horny patch, available now. Players will now be able to use the PlayStation Move controller to explore motion controls to the game’s bathhouse and massage mini games. According to the site, “the mini games that are full of eroticism can be played more direct and sensuously.” Somehow I see those old Magic Wand jokes coming back.

The patch also brings a new minigame that seems like you’ll be poking around girls with only a post-shower towel on. AndriaSang says that other non-Move additions include the ability to view CG scenes in galleries. You can…uh, spend as much time as you need looking at each scene.

Horny developers could do so much more along these lines for PlayStation Move. Sony gave them a good start with the design of the device.

Dale North