Against all odds, Shakedown Hawaii could be coming to Wii U

Those teases weren’t for show

Vblank Entertainment has a thing for supporting dead systems.

The studio released Retro City Rampage for the Wii even though it wouldn’t be profitable, and even more recently gave the Vita a death twitch with Shakedown Hawaii. It looks like the Wii U is the latest system to get that same kind of love and care.

Despite the fact that only a few Wii U games are released a year on the eShop (mostly shovelware or PC/mobile ports), a new ESRB listing hints that Shakedown Hawaii could be coming to the system. This is backed up by a mysterious series of tweets from Vblank’s Twitter account. All the while, the game is being updated on other platforms. They have their work cut out for them!

But any Wii U love is good in my books, especially a good game like Shakedown. That system deserved better.

Shakedown Hawaii [ESRB]

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