Again? Vita firmware update 3.12 is out now

This article is over 10 years old and may contain outdated information

Probably fixes 32GB card problem

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I just updated my Vita firmware yesterday to start playing Conception II, but upon waking up this morning to continue I was prompted with another update message.

Even if you just pulled down Vita firmware 3.10, you’ll want to grab this small update, especially if you’ve been having the 32GB memory card problem. Some of our readers are having an issue where the 3.10 update has some issue with 32GB cards, causing the device to freeze up. 

I only have a 16GB card, but everything seems fine after this morning’s 3.12 update. Sony says the update adds “system software stability.”

If you’ve been having the 32GB card problem, let us know in the comments if this patch fixes things for you.

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