After years of waiting, Kel’Thuzad is finally coming to Heroes of the Storm

Two years plus in the making

We’re one stop closer to having every Warcraft III hero in Heroes of the Storm.

Today at gamescom Blizzard announced that The lich Kel’Thuzad will be joining the fray, with his talents and role to be revealed later this week. Also, going along with the new Hearthstone expansion theme of evil versions of heroes, Death Knight Sonya, Crypt Queen Zagara, and Dreadlord Jaina are coming to the Nexus as skins.

So far it seems pretty exciting! I know there was a big wave of Warcraft hero fatigue, but Kel’Thuzad has been a long time coming, and now all we need is a Dreadlord (my favorite hero in the RTS series) to complete the Undead Warcraft III roster.

For those of you who haven’t been keeping track, here’s the Warcraft III list of heroes we still need that I’ve been checking off as we go, along with my suggestions for specific characters — Dreadlord (Mal’Ganis), Naga Sea Witch (Lady Vashj), Pit Lord (Magtheridon), Tauren Chieftain (Cairne Bloodhoof), Shadow Hunter (Zanzil the Outcast), Warden (Maiev Shadowsong), and Goblin Alchemist (Marin Noggenfogger).

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