After the success of the Sonic the Hedgehog movies, Sega wants to bring more of its IPs to other platforms

Can Sega replicate Sonic’s success?

Sonic with a smug grin in Sonic Mania.

Sonic has been enjoying renewed popularity in recent years thanks to the two Sonic the Hedgehog movies that have become some of the highest-grossing video game adaptations. Sega hopes to capitalize on this by bringing more of its franchises to a non-gaming audience.

In an interview with CNBC, Sega’s chief operating officer Shuji Utsumi revealed that the platforms they are considering include movies and even Roblox. The second Sonic movie grossed an impressive $405.4 million, so it’s no surprise that they hope to replicate this success with its other IPs.

IPs that are being considered include Like a Dragon (previously known as Yakuza). An adaption could be a hit, as it already has a huge following. As Sega reveals, the franchise has sold 21.1 million units.

Persona may also find itself on more platforms. It’s easy to imagine it being adapted to a film series or even a television series, as the franchise already features gripping narratives and plenty of relationships and friendships to explore.

Sonic determined in Sonic Mania.
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Sega denies acquisition rumors

There have been rumors that Microsoft is keen to purchase Sega, but Utsumi denies this. He explains that several companies are interested in acquiring Sega, and though it is an honor, he doesn’t believe that “kind of transaction is going to happen.”

This doesn’t mean that Sega isn’t planning to make some acquisitions for itself. Utsumi claims the company is still looking for growth during a time when Japanese studios are doing well while “European studios are struggling” following the post-COVID-19 sales decline.

We’ve seen some of the effects of this through the seemingly endless waves of layoffs that have struck the industry. Utsumi remains optimistic, and he believes that the future is bright so long as “you have solid development studios and also solid IPs.”

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