After some trouble, Radiant Silvergun is now live on Switch again

Radiant Silvergun is now live on Switch

Here’s what happened

So roughly a week ago, Radiant Silvergun arrived on the Switch following a Nintendo Direct announcement. That’s good! But then it was quickly removed from sale. That’s bad! As of today though, that crisis has been averted, and Radiant Silvergun is now live on Switch.

So what went down with Radiant Silvergun on Switch? Thankfully, we have a full report from the publisher, Live Wire

The same day Radiant Silvergun went live on Switch, it was taken down. A lot of folks speculated that it was ratings-related, which was confirmed by the publisher several days later on Twitter: “The reason it was removed from the store is because the product’s rating has changed. We have created new data and have already submitted it to them.” The team also took the opportunity to begin to address some of the bugs that were present in the briefly-released port.

So after all that, the game is back up. The browser listing may not be live depending on your region, but the game is currently live on the actual Switch eShop.

It’s a good thing this was resolved, because Radiant Silvergun is an all-time classic shmup (shoot ’em up), and it deserves to be on as many platforms as possible. Thankfully the eShop issue was minor, and the team has acknowledged this version’s bugs and is working on a fix.

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