After contact with Take-Two, a Red Dead GTA V mod has been canceled

‘Red Dead Redemption V’

While the ’80s and ’90s PC eras weren’t perfect, they were a veritable breeding ground for future content creators. When developers and publishers didn’t deliver, modders answered the call. Some of them turned it into a full-time gig, others were just content with giving everything away for free. But one thing is for sure now — publishers want a slice, if not the whole pie.

So it makes sense then, why the amazing looking “Red Dead Redemption V,” a Red Dead mod for GTA V, would get shut down. After being contacted by a party that represents the IP (either Take-Two or Rockstar), the lead developer on the project has stated that “We sadly have to say we are stopping this project…so thanks guys, but it isn’t going to happen, sorry.”

The obvious implication is that with Red Dead Redemption 2 so close on the horizon, they didn’t want to have an extra hand in the cookie jar. It’s a shame though because Red Dead 2 likely could have stood on its own two feet while Take-Two (who got its start on PC) championed this passionate fan creation — it would have been a good look.

Mr. Leisurewear [GTA Forums]

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