After basically being ousted from Oculus, Palmer Luckey lets loose in Japan


What’s an eccentric near-billionaire (or as comedian Gary Gulman would say, “barely billionaire“) to do after he seemingly is forced to leave his own company? Travel the world with your [near] billions, of course. After basically not being seen in public since January he’s still ingrained in the VR world, and headed to Japan for a VR festival held in Tokushima, dressed as Quiet from Metal Gear Solid V.

Luckey is seemingly pulling a Phil Fish, going full parody character (I always thought Fish was a pretty meh Andy Kaufman, and he even had the on-the-nose avatar to drive that point home) and embracing his infamy. As a self-described “shitposter” I’d say his act is pretty dull, but as one of the biggest driving forces of the modern VR movement, he’ll likely always stay relevant.

IkuArino [Twitter]

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