After all these years, The Unfinished Swan is on PC and iOS

The former PlayStation exclusive has stepped out

Before the inventive family drama What Remains of Edith Finch, there was The Unfinished Swan – another exploration-driven first-person adventure game from Giant Sparrow. If you never played it and you’ve become a fan of the studio in recent years, it’s a good time to go back with fresh eyes.

Almost eight years after The Unfinished Swan‘s original Sony-backed release on PS3, the game is now available on PC through Steam and the Epic Games Store (for $14.99) and also on iOS (for $4.99).

On PC, publisher Annapurna Interactive has a slight discount – to $13.49 – until September 24.

Bit by bit, you’ll fill in a stark world with splashes of paint, and Giant Sparrow switches up the puzzle-solving formula in later chapters. The Unfinished Swan doesn’t reach the same great heights as Edith Finch – what a perfect blend of narrative and mechanics – but it’s worth having around for posterity.

As always, it’s a pleasure to see older digital-only console exclusives find their way to PC.

Jordan Devore
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