After a full year Destiny 2 will allow bulk shader deletion and alter its weapon loadout system

Please look forward to it

The Destiny cycle has begun anew. Note that I’m not necessarily qualifying that statement with “Destiny 2,” as this whole saga kicked off and was completed with the first Destiny — the game launches, big changes take twice as long as most of the industry (or longer), and people get excited for the launch of a new expansion that will “fix everything.”

That expansion is Forsaken, set to arrive on September 4, but before that some much-needed quality of life changes will be implemented just days short of a full year of the game’s existence. On August 28 Patch 2.0.0 will arrive for free, heralding the Forsaken expansion with weapon slot changes, 200 more vault slots (up to 500), heroic story missions, updates for challenges and the director (read: main UI) and bulk shader deletion.

That last bit seems so innocuous but it’s really important. Destiny 2‘s current shader (dye/color) system is a complete pain in the ass, requiring players to delete shaders individually, even if they have a stack of say, 20 or more. It’s a far cry from the full shader mechanic from Destiny 1 where you simply acquired color configurations and had them forever, but given Destiny 2‘s big pivot to microtransactions that doesn’t seem to be a reality anytime soon.

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