AFK Journey Tier List and all characters ranked

AFK Journey Tier List and all characters ranked

All 44 characters ranked

The long-awaited mobile RPG AFK Journey is here, and we can now draw to get our favorite characters. With over 40 characters in total, it can be hard trying to figure out which ones you should go for. In this AFK Journey Tier List we’ll rank all of the obtainable characters so you know which ones to get.

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All AFK Journey characters ranked

We have ranked all of the characters in AFK Journey into different tiers. While all characters are technically able to complete most content in AFK Journey, there’s a huge difference in overall ability between S Tier and D Tier characters on this list. You obviously want to look out for S Tier characters while A and B tier will often be great members to your party as well. Here are all of the AFK Journey characters ranked for our Tier List as of March 28, 2024:

S Tier characters ranked in AFK Journey
Screenshot by Destructoid

S Tier

In S Tier, the characters are great additions to your party no matter what and are often versatile as such. Here are the 9 S Tier characters:

KokoMaulerSupportSuperb support character who can stagger the damage taken by allies.
KorinLightbearerWarriorExtremely powerful Dream Realm damage dealer with his EX weapon.
MarileeLightbearerMarksmanProbably the best Dream Realm damage dealer overall.
OdieMaulerMarksmanVersatile damage dealer in both PvE and PvP combat with poison.
ReinierHypogeanSupportOverall the best character in the game. Performs ahead of everything else in ever type of gameplay including PvE and PvP.
RowanLightbearerSupportAmazing energy battery that is a boon to your entire party.
ScarlitaCelestialWarriorShields your entire party at the start of combat then later returns to battle dealing massive damage.
Smokey and MeerkyMaulerSupportArguably the best overall support character(s) in the game with the ability to heal and buff allies.
ThoranGravebornTankThe best tank in the game in all forms of gameplay. Can cheat death and deal a lot of damage while tanking it as well.
AFK Journey A Tier Cecia
Image via Lilith Games

A Tier

The characters in A Tier are solid enough that they can almost always be slotted into your party as well, but may have some limitations.

BrutusMaulerWarriorImmortality allows him to buy time for the party.
BryonWilderMarksmanMagical ranger who can summon a Falcon that debuffs enemies.
CarolinaGravebornMageSolid damage dealer and debuffer who can also CC enemies.
CassadeeLightbearerMageCan buff allies while dealing AoE damage to enemies.
CeciaGravebornMarksmanVery powerful summoner who can deal insane damage and CC enemies.
DamianWilderSupportSolid support who can heal and buff allies while also debuffing enemies.
DionelCelestialMarksmanWhen paired with buffer support characters can execute some top damage amounts.
EironnWilderRogueA bit weak early but with his EX weapon can group up enemies and debuff them.
HewynnWilderSupportBest straightforward healer in the game that can heal the entire battlefield.
KrugerMaulerWarriorGreat in the Dream Realm due to his ability to debuff enemy PDEF.
LycaWilderMarksmanGreat all around character with solid AoE damage, and can buff and debuff at the same time.
SethMaulerRogueSquishy assassin but has the ability to delete enemies with his damage.
ShakirMaulerRoguePowerful bruiser who can damage and buff allies at the same time.
TemesiaLightbearerTankMounted knight who can ignore walls and disrupt enemy formations.
ValaLightbearerRogueRanged and melee character who can stun and damage enemies.
AFK Journey B Tier Rhys
Screenshot by Destructoid

B Tier

Characters in the B Tier, characters are overall solid but may have some major shortcomings that don’t make them a powerhouse like the others.

AntandraMaulerTankSolid tank that can taunt, CC, and debuff enemies.
BerialHypogeanRogueAssassin that shines in 1v1 scenarios.
Granny DahnieWilderTankA solid tank with the ability to debuff and CC enemies and heal herself.
IgorGravebornWarriorAn annoying to deal with character who can jump around the battlefield and cheat death.
LuciusLightbearerTankA formidable tank who also shields his allies.
NiruGravebornSupportUnique support who can heal allies and make them temporarily immortal.
RhysMaulerMarksmanSolid damage who is versatile in both AoE and single target.
SilvinaGravebornRogueDeadly assassin able to jump to the enemy backline at the start of battle.
ValenLightbearerWarriorVery strong early game character but falls off late game.
ViperianGravebornMagePowerful AoE damage mage who can kill the entire team at once.
WalkerLightbearerRogueA CC focused damage dealer t hat can control an entire battlefield.

C Tier

Those characters in the C Tier might have specific situations in which they are worthwhile but overall have far too many flaws to slot into your main lineup.

ArdenWilderMageAmazing CC potential in PvP but otherwise a weaker mage.
MiraelLightbearerMageMediocre damage and no utility.
ParisaWilderMageHybrid damage dealer and buffer, can really buff an auto attack character.
SalazerGravebornRogueFocuses damage on tanks which sounds good in theory but is really just a waste.
SatranaMaulerMageVery squishy but has solid utility by reducing healing on enemies who attack those shes buffs.
D Tier characters in AFK Journey
Screenshot by Destructoid

D Tier

For the most part, you don’t want to use characters in the D Tier. They are typically much weaker than other options, and even in situational spots often have better characters that can be used instead.

AtlantaLightbearerMarksmanNot good. At anything.
FayLightbearerSupportTechnically can heal and buff, but all other options are better at it.
KafraWilderWarriorCan work in a melee-focused team but once again, other options are usually better.
LumontMaulerTankVery undertuned. A tank that will die faster than anything else.

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