Advance Wars killer found guilty

You might not remember it, but quite a while ago we ran a story where Advance Wars had somehow been linked to a murder. 20-year-old Mathew Pyke was found stabbed to death last year, and it had been believed that his Internet habits, in particular the running of an Advance Wars fan site, led to the killing.

David Heiss, a 21-year-old German office worker, has been found guilty of the murder, with police saying that he planned the attack “like a strategist.” Heiss had, as suspected, met his victim through the Advance Wars fan site, along with Pyke’s girlfriend Joanna Wilton. He had become insanely jealous of David Pyke’s relationship with Wilton after becoming obsessed with her, driving him to stab the man 86 times in a “savage and sustained” assault. 

“He planned it like a strategist in one of his war games,” said Detective Inspector Tony Heydon. “He tried to cover his tracks and has lied continuously to the police and latterly to the court … Heiss stabbed Matthew 86 times in a frenzied attack. He is the most callous, cold-hearted individual I have ever dealt with.”

Just goes to show that dangerous psychopaths can come from anywhere, regardless of whether they play GTA. It’s not the games that make the man.

Jim Sterling