Postponed Advance Wars remake seemingly went live for lone player

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Reconnaissance Mission

In one of the strangest stories from the weekend, it seems that WayForward’s anticipated strategy release Advance Wars 1+2: ReBoot Camp was rendered fully playable… by one single Switch owner.

Twitter user “Rachael” (@killetheth) posted images pulled directly from the incoming release, which was seemingly available to launch live from their Switch Lite unit, (though they are unable to access the title, from the same account, on their “main” Nintendo Switch hardware). While some responders raised eyebrows at the authenticity of the story, Rachael followed up with screens pulled from the Advance Wars 1+2 tutorial mode, as well as its Mission Select screens. It all looks pretty legitimate.

The remake was expected to launch in December of 2020, but was initially delayed to April 8 for further tweaking, before then having its launch postponed in the wake of the ongoing Russian invasion of Ukraine. As such, Advance Wars 1+2 is likely long-gone-gold and ready to launch — sitting on WayForward’s servers and just waiting for the go-ahead from Nintendo. Thus it is completely possible that some bizarre glitch in the matrix opened the door for Rachael to somehow access the title.

Advance Wars 1+2: ReBoot Camp will officially launch on Nintendo Switch in 2022.

Chris Moyse
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