Adr1ft’s space anxiety attacks strike on March 28

For both PC and VR

Three One Zero’s space catastrophe is making good on its promise of a first quarter 2016 release, but just barely. The developer announced today that Adr1ft will be available on PC and Oculus VR on March 28. Just three days to spare!

That release date puts Adr1ft at a day-and-date launch alongside the Oculus Rift, as the long-awaited virtual reality peripheral ships its first batch of consumer-ready headsets next month. Not everyone will be lucky enough to nab the $600 Rift that quick, though; the earliest orders should arrive in March, but there’s a delay on the second shipment.

Truthfully, VR is probably the way Adr1ft is meant to be played. I found it to be immersive, stunning, and unsettling when I tried it. But, Jordan had a go without the headset and found it to be just as stressful. Gear up for some anxiety regardless of which method you prefer.

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