Adorable takes on BioShock, L4D and more in stickers

I love stickers. I used to buy stickers and stick them on things all the time. I probably still would, except that I’ve looked back upon the stickers what I’ve stuck and wondered why I wanted to stick some of them in the first place. Maybe it’ll be different this time.

Hard to say, but those BioShock stickers up there look pretty timeless to me. They’re one set out of a whole bunch of game-based stickers made by artists Shy Custis and Coey Kuhn. Most of them are pretty damn adorable, like the Left 4 Dead set and, my favorite, the Silent Hill pack.

The stickers can be purchased as their full sets and range from four to ten dollars. Alternately, you can choose to buy individual stickers at a dollar a pop (minimum 2). Pretty neat stuff.

Stickers! [Cody & Shy Shop via GameSetWatch]

Conrad Zimmerman