Addiction on the go: Viva Pinata to hit DS?

Could Rare be looking to bring their latest Xbox 360 creation, Viva Pinata, to Nintendo DS? At this point in time, it’s actually looking like a possibility. Speaking with 1UP, Microsoft Game Studios VP, Shane Kim, had this to say:

A Kameo or a Viva Pinata on a DS makes a lot of sense in a lot of ways from a franchise perspective.

I think it’s fair to say that we’re going to continue to invest in that property [Viva Pinata].

Wait a second, what about the PSP?

Whether you’re talking about [publishing games on] mobile or the DS — you probably won’t see it on the PSP, though.

I can picture what Viva Pinata on DS would be like — just as addictive as the console version. But, Kameo … not so much. It’s just one of those games that doesn’t seem like a good fit on the handheld platform. What do you think? Would you be willing to drop some bones for a DS port of either game?

[Thanks, SL4IN and Ted]

Jordan Devore
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