Adam Sandler brings lowbrow humor, PS3 to sick kids

As much as his career reached a peak with the tremendously funny Billy Madison (/end sarcasm), you’ve gotta hand it to Adam Sandler for being a real nice guy.

Stephanie and Kevin Hudson, of Manchester, NH, were the lucky benefactors of Sandler’s kind generosity. Stephanie has bone cancer in her right arm which recently spread to her lungs, and her brother Kevin has Hodgkin’s lymphoma, so to say that they don’t have the easiest lives imaginable would be quite an understatement. Sandler, a New Hampshire native, took it upon himself to procure for them a PlayStation 3, games, signed DVDs, jerseys and other film memorabilia, all of which were delivered last week.

Say what you want about Sandler’s acting ability or his hair, but in a world where every bit of video game related news has to do with how many people were killed as a direct result of a bunch of 1s and 0s, it’s nice to see someone reaching out to the less fortunate in this way.

In response, we here at Destructoid promise to go exactly one week without making fun of Mr. Sandler’s career. It’s the least we can do.

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