Adam Jensen RKOing a robot into oblivion

Vintage Jensen!

Adam Jensen and Randy Orton have a lot in common. They’re both apex predators who lie in wait, ready to seize the opportune moment to strike. Well, Orton bangs his fist on the mat which is actually particularly un-stealthy, but that’s beside the point. When their unsuspecting prey walks into their trap, BAM, #RKOOuttaNowhere!

Ardent Deus Ex fans might not have that exact impression of Jensen’s lethal abilities, but it’s true. Look at this Deus Ex Go GIF. That’s Jensen RKOing a robot (as best the Go systems will allow him to) and now the Viper’s move is one more weapon in his deadly arsenal.

This is the brightest timeline for both Deus Ex and wrestling.

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