Ad Infinitum brings otherworldy horrors to the trenches of World War One

Coming to PC & consoles in 2023

I don’t think anybody really needs to add to the absolute horror that was the World War One front line, but newly-established German developer Hekate is going to give it a try with its freshman release, Ad Infinitum, currently in development for PC and consoles with a tentative release date of 2023.

As teased in a new “re-reveal” trailer, featured in yesterday’s Nacon Connect stream, Ad Infinitum will tell the story of a German soldier in the pit of WWI. Described as a first-person survival horror title, Ad Infinitum will use a combination of stealth and puzzle mechanics as the protagonist comes to grips with both the abject horror of war and what seems to be a host of grotesque and monstrous creatures that prowl the darkest corners of No Man’s Land.

Hekate is hoping to emphasize mood, atmosphere, historical accuracy, and both psychological and physical horror to punctuate its disturbing tale of war at its bleakest, blending the realistic horrors of man against man with the otherworldly fear of the unknown. Mixing straight horror and World War is not a new gaming concept, but Ad Infinitum sounds like it has its own unique and interesting ideas, and is very reminiscent of the type of story that one would see in The Twilight Zone. It’s still a long way out, but Hekate’s debut release may be worth a spot on the radar of any first-person horror fan.

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