Actor Fred Willard promotes the DS and Personal Trainer: Cooking to fail results

Disclaimer: I fully understand that this ad is not intended for me and for pretty much the majority of you out there watching this. With that said, this is one of the worst ads for the DS yet.

Last year, Nintendo got the likes of Liv Tyler, Nicole Kidman and other female celebrities to promote the Nintendo DS. While those ads did nothing for non-casual gamers, it did at least get the point across that the DS can be accessible to anyone.

This year, Nintendo has started a new promotional campaign staring Fred Willard, one of the Bob’s from Office Space and a few other actors that may or may not really be Fred Willard’s friends in real life to promote the DS and Personal Trainer: Cooking. This seven-minute long ad is full of awkward jokes, cringe worthy moments and some real bad acting.

The plot for the ad is that Fred Willard and friends are making a surprise dinner for a girl named Robbie for her birthday. At the end of the video, Fred gives Robbie a present and SURPRISE! SHE GOT A NINTENDO DS AND PERSONAL TRAINER: COOKING AS A GIFT! WOWZERS!

[Via BFeld13’s C Blog]

Hamza Aziz