Activisions wireless guitar controllers to hit retail early 2008

Wires are the pits. If there’s one thing I’m tired of doing, it’s wrapping up and/or untangling cords. Solid but not revolutionary, Guitar Hero III seriously nailed one thing — all of the bundles shipped with a killer wireless guitar peripheral.

Activision has announced today that these wireless controllers will be available in a standalone package starting in early 2008. As with the bundles, the Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, and Wii will get the Gibson Les Paul models, and the PlayStation 2 will be able to pick up the wireless Kramer. 

So far, reception to these wireless guitar peripherals have been favorable; I have to admit, when playing Rock Band, I’ve been defaulting to the wireless Guitar Hero controller. Sure, it doesn’t look quite as slick as Rock Band’s fender (and much to my wife’s relief, has caused the ladies to stop calling), but for performance and reliability, it just can’t be beat. 

No word yet on exact date of availability or pricing. Red Octane’s official wireless Guitar Hero II PlayStation controller runs a sweet $59.99, so we wouldn’t expect the new ones to retail for any less than that.

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