Activision’s Kotick is all for Move, Kineckt, peripherals

In the latest issue of Edge, Activision Blizzard’s Boby Kotick said that he’s all for the new peripherals coming out from Sony and Microsoft. He also reveals that he’ll have new devices ready for next year. Yep, there’s going to be more stuff to crowd you out of your own living room.

Kotick told Edge: “So as long as we think a peripheral is going to deliver something that’s compelling and interesting and innovative we’ll support it.” He feels that both Move and Kinect are “superb” for dance games, and has been impressed with both motion controllers.

That said, Kotick still feels the need for specific types of physical interfacing for their games, and it sounds like they have a few more up their sleeves. He says that “we’re going to keep making physical interface products if we think that’s going to enhance the experience – and we have some really cool ones for next year.”

As enthusiastic as he sounds about Sony and Microsoft’s newest offerings, he does have one beef with Kinect: the price. Kotick told Edge in issue 220, “With Kinect… I love it as an idea, but [Microsoft has] got to get the price down.”

Activision: Peripherals Still Important [EDGE]

Dale North