Activision’s execs sell off some stock for a quick $60 mil

CEO Bobby Kotick and co-chairman of the board Brian Kelly took the opportunity last week to make a few bucks by selling off some of thier Activision stock. With shares being up some 30%, Kotick broke off about 1.5 million to sell; Kelly followed with 3.6 million. That’s a combined payday of just under $60 million for the two. This follows another big selloff from Kotick in March.

Why the big payday? Who knows. That’s a lot of Slim Jims and ramen, though. Business Insider throws out a few guesses, with one of them pointing to the “ill winds blowing across the gaming sector.” I think it’s probably closer to new car and new house territory. If I was farting out guitar games and printing cash, I’d sure as hell take the opportunity to get some nice things.

Dale North