Activision to release Bond games yearly, at least Craig is sexy

Earlier today we posted up a video that showed off some of the AI highlights within the Call of Duty 4 engine in the latest Bond game, Quantum of Solace. According to a recent report, it appears as though Bond will be starring in a lot more games after Treyarch’s rendition.

Cowen and Company analyst Dough Cruetz told the website “James Bond will become an annual franchise.” Cruetz’s deduction was initially based on Activision’s holdings of the James Bond license through 2014. Today, Gamespot got confirmation from Activision CEO Mike Griffith that a follow-up to Quantum of Solace will happen next year, even though a movie isn’t slated. These two pieces of evidence certainly indicate that James Bond isn’t going to stop anytime soon.

Despite my hopes for Quantum, this news leaves a bitter taste in my mouth. I definitely don’t enjoy having an IP shoved down my throat yearly, especially if it isn’t a sports title. I typically find that substance is replaced with expediency.

What do you guys think? Is Daniel Craig sexy enough to keep Bond games going for a while? Will the caliber Goldeneye ever be reached with this sort of quick release method?

Brad BradNicholson