Activision promises a ‘special announcement’ for Crash during E3

What if Naughty Dog was making a new Crash?

It’s kind of amazing that Crash Bandicoot got as big as it did. Naughty Dog has a lot to be proud of (and even commemorated it in Uncharted 4), as they crafted a great platforming trilogy and one of the best kart racers ever made.

But now that duty has been handed off to Vicarious Visions in the form of the Crash Bandicoot N. Sane Trilogy, which is set to debut later this month — a full year after it was announced at E3 2016. Is it the end for Crash? Maybe not, because Activision isn’t even waiting to see the N. Sane Trilogy‘s sales before making another announcement.

According to Activision’s full E3 listing, in addition to Call of Duty: WWII, Destiny 2, and the Trilogy, there’s also going to be a “special Crash announcement” during the show. I know I’m setting you up for disappointment here as it might even be the long rumored declaration that the Trilogy isn’t exclusive to the PS4.

Either way, something is happening!

Chris Carter
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