Activision: No plans for a PS3 Modern Warfare 2 bundle

I’m sure you’ve all had time to gawk at the 250 GB Modern Warfare 2 Xbox 360, and surely a few among you are wondering when Activision will announce a similar special design or bundle deal for the PlayStation 3. Well, apparently you’ll be wondering until the brink of time, as the evil publisher has essentially said one isn’t coming.

“No, there are no plans, but thank you for asking,” was Activision’s curt, possibly rude reply to VG247 when asked. 

Activision was slightly more polite to MCV, although it wasn’t any more helpful: “We’ve not made any announcements about bundle packs, but will let you know should that change.”

It seems to me that the Xbox 360 is always getting cool game-themed redesigns, with Halo 3, Bayonetta, Resident Evil 5 and now Modern Warfare 2 bringing out their own brand of console. So far, I can only recall the PS3 getting one such branding, with the “gun metal grey” PS3 released to celebrate Metal Gear Solid 4.

Why do you think the PS3 is always getting screwed over on the redesign front?

Jim Sterling