Activision: Modern Warfare 2 will own 2009’s face

Evil publisher Activision has very little to worry about when it comes to dominating the videogame market. It has a knack for owning pretty much every genre it sets its sights on conquering, and with the last two Call of Duty games still selling a buggering flickload of copies, it’s no surprise that the company expects Modern Warfare 2 to crush the competition this year.

“We have goals for all of our titles. … We fully expect Modern Warfare 2 to be one of, if not THE largest, title in the industry this year,” explains Activision’s publishing CEO Mike Griffith. “When you look at when Modern Warfare 1 was launched in 2007, it had a substantial jump in consumers engaged in the Call of Duty franchise. World at War, which was launched in Holiday 2008, saw that more than a fifth of its purchasers were first time users of the Call of Duty franchise. So all those new purchasers are ready for the Modern Warfare 2 experience because they haven’t historically been in the franchise.”

Griffith also predicts that the amount of Modern Warfare 2 owners will be “nearly double” that of the original Modern Warfare, with the gaming being “more successful than any other Call of Duty we’ve launched so far.”

In other words, Activision is going to make more money than you could imagine, and Bobby Kotick will be able to buy his fifteenth diamond-encrusted elephant.

Jim Sterling