Activision made good on its promise of Marvel: Ultimate Alliance remaster DLC and bug fixes

Should have been in there day one, but it’s there now

As was the case with several Activision remasters in the past, Marvel Ultimate Alliance 1 + 2 was borked at launch. Not only were there a number of bugs, but the DLC characters weren’t included, or even on offer separately in any fashion. It was a massive oversight and even Marvel had to get involved.

But in this past week, the PS4 and Xbox One editions got their fixes. The infamous rolling bug is squashed, and the DLC characters for the first game (Cyclops, Nightcrawler, Dr. Doom, Magneto, Venom, Hulk, Hawkeye, and Sabertooth) are in — you can pick them up after completing the intro. As you can clearly see there are a few iconic additions in there, so it makes sense that people (myself included) were pissed off at their omission.

As of now the game seems to be stable based on my tests, which just went underway this week as I refused to buy it until Sabertooth was added.

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