Activision hints that more remasters are coming in the most vague and cheeky way

Tony Hawk 3 + 4?

Activision has been killing it in terms of remasters lately.

I mean, to be more concise, studios like Toys for Bob and Vicarious Visions have been killing it, with re-releases like the Crash trilogy and Tony Hawk 1 + 2 (both done by the latter). But with Vicarious Visions down for the count and absorbed into Blizzard, what will become of the fate of more remasters? According to a recent Activision earnings call, things still look promising.

Dennis Durkin, Chief Financial Officer of Activision, stated that the company has “a few other things up [their] sleeve in terms of remastered content.” That content will be revealed “in due course,” and will “provide further opportunity for [the company] this year.” It’s an innocuous sort of comment, but it implies two things: that more remasters are coming (obviously), and that it’s coming soon, potentially with a soonish reveal.

Activision owns a lot of properties at this point, and could even get involved with any number of licensed games from their past: as they have with the Ultimate Alliance series and the like. As long as the quality is there, I’m excited to see what they have planned. 

As long as we eventually get Tony Hawk 3 + 4.

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