Activision gives free faceplate to Guitar Hero III Wii owners

Activision has been to hell and back since the release of Guitar Hero III for the Wii, and one can only suppose the bitching went on long after the announcement that replacement discs would be issued. The nervous twittering of PR reps likely led to Activision feeling they had to give more for screwing up, which would explain why they are offering a free faceplate (see pic in gallery) to the people who sent their discs in for a replacement.

I personally appreciate the effort, but I hope more so that the disaster this situation caused will ensure it doesn’t happen again. Of course, these types of nightmares frequently pop up in the game world due to titles being rushed to their release dates. It makes the developers who focus on quality over deadlines a more highly valued rarity than ever.

I know Activision means well with the faceplate, but I can’t help but think that it may backfire, pouring salt in the wound for some consumers. It’s kind of like trying to bring a girl flowers after you got drunk and made out with her sister in front of both their parents, you know? Probably should have just let sleeping dogs lie. Also, I’ve seen the above scenario actually happen, and I can tell you, it is not pretty.

[Via Filefront, Thanks Jonathan]

Colette Bennett