Activision delays upcoming James Bond game until 2010, do you care?

In an investors conference call this afternoon, Activision CFO Thomas Tippl revealed that games are going to have to sit tight for some more 007 action. Tippl says that an upcoming James Bond game has been delayed until 2010. Why? So it wouldn’t have to compete with Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2, of course!

Project Gotham/Geometry Wars developer Bizarre Creations has been hard at work on a racing project for Activision, described as “Mario Kart meets Forza.” It’s been long-rumored that Bizzare had been working on a Bond title; whether this project is one in the same is unknown, as nothing has been officially announced.

Question — how many of you actually care about James Bond games at this point? Is it really an IP that Activision can leverage into piles of cash, or are gamers “over it”? It seemed most gamers were ambivalent to last year’s movie tie-in, Quantum of Solace, a perfectly decent first-person/third-person hybrid. Do you guys even care anymore?

Nick Chester