Activision comments on the Modern Warfare 3 leak

The Modern Warfare 3 leak was a mighty strange one. Normally when we talk leaks, we’re referring to full playable builds making the rounds on torrent sites, not information dumps like we saw last week. Activision putting out a slew of trailers ahead of schedule was a decent enough response, I thought.

“Friday was a really interesting, a really kind of cool day,” says Activision Publishing CEO Eric Hirshberg to Joystiq. “And while it’s definitely not cool to steal other people’s intellectual property, and while it’s definitely not cool to leak stuff that’s not yours, there are ways that you can respond that actually turn the lemons into lemonade.”

“All that interest for us we knew was harnessable in a positive way. The other thing we wanted to do was, if there’s gonna be a dialogue about our game, we want it to be between us and our fans and not between the leakers and our fans.”

Hirshberg warns “not everything that was leaked is accurate,” also commenting how “the leak itself is not solved, and it’s better to let that unfold.”

The Modern Warfare 3 leak, from Activision’s perspective [Joystiq] [Image]

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