Activision boss drops his pants in airport: Suffers a Call of Booty

Sometimes a story comes along that really isn’t a story, but it’s just so stupid you kind of have to run it. Activision CEO Robert Kotick is a man without shame, it seems, as he recently confessed to a farcical shenanigan that probably gave onlookers a more “active vision” than perhaps they’d have liked:

I was at the BA terminal a few weeks ago and I had to take my belt off and it was 20 minutes before the plane was leaving and it was an international flight. I started running and realized I need my belt. My pants fell down. And I tripped.

I think I feel about ten times stupider for having tried to pass that off as frontpage news. Still, it’s quite a funny mental image, and that’s the important thing. Oh, and Kotaku says the plane ended up being four hours late. El oh el.

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