Activision Blizzard reveal obvious forthcoming titles in fact sheet

The following should surprise no one, but you should sit down, just in case. There is a Call of Duty 5, a Guitar Hero IV, and a new Tony Hawk game “in the pipeline.” I know, this is mind-blowing stuff, but we’re not just pulling it out of our rears. These titles, and more, have been revealed an Activision Blizzard PDF fact sheet.

Along with numbers and wording that details what an awesome super power the publisher will become, the fact sheet also reveals that a new racing title by Blizzard is in the works, new Marvel Comics-related titles, as well as games based off of DreamWorks properties. The fact sheet also mentions the forthcoming James Bond title, and makes a point to mention Diablo as a key franchise. 

Sequels and properties based off of licensed properties likely won’t have you worked up, and shouldn’t have anyone surprised. But the mention of Diablo as a key franchise at least hints at a sequel … right? Well, I guess that’s not very surprising either, now is it?


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