Activision bitchslaps Electronic Arts, or tries to

Activision CEO Bobby Kotick has lauded his company as one that “celebrates entrepreneurial, opportunistic, independent values,” and is considerate of culture when it comes to buying out games studios.

Kotick then went for the cheap shot, comparing his company to EA and stating that “it did a very good job of taking the soul out of a lot of the studios it acquired.” A somewhat ironic statement, perhaps, in a time where Activision is hated for sucking the life out of the Guitar Hero series, while developer Harmonix sided with EA to create the highly successful Rock Band

EA, of course, has claimed the opposite of Activision, stating that its company is great for developers and that it is the closest thing America has to a Heaven on Earth. Also, its corporate water fountains taste like sweetened honey and flights of angels sing CEO John Riccitiello to his nightly slumber. 

Ultimately, a fight between Activision and EA is like the one Hitler and Stalin had — it’s not exactly one you’re keen to pick a side on. That said, I wonder if Activision or EA fanboys actually exist, and are now trolling Internet message boards as we speak, desperate to prove which Borg-like entity is the best. They would, I feel, be the saddest, most miserable creatures in all of Fanboy Hell.

Jim Sterling