Action RPG ‘The Caligula Effect’ comes west in May

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The Caligula Effect is a game I’ve kept my eye on for a while now. Despite lacking a AAA budget title like Persona, it seems like an engaging game among the likes of Tokyo Xanadu and Akiba’s Trip. It finally comes to North America and Europe on May 2, 2017 via digital download for PlayStation Vita.

Previously known as just Caligula, this anime-style RPG is written by Tadashi Satomi, the writer for Persona, Persona 2: Innocent Sin and Persona 2: Eternal Punishment (which is written in the press release three time to make sure we got it. Well, I got it guys). Price is still unknown but it will be rated T in North America and features Japanese voices (no English dub).

I prefer the original name, Caligula; I’m not sure why they changed it unless they’re afraid of a situation where people buy the game on name alone thinking it’s about the Roman Emperor Caligula, then have a reaction similar to someone getting hit by Tien’s Solar Flare when all this anime comes on screen. Would be funny to watch actually.

Ideally a localization would have included a PlayStation 4 port, but there is more than enough exclusive titles on Vita to warrant picking one up. Which is exactly what I’ll do one of these days.

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