Action oriented Valkyria: Azure Revolution is still looking beautiful

New screens

Valkyria: Azure Revolution is one of my top anticipated games right now. That qualifier doesn’t necessarily include the timeline of “2016,” as the game is only slated for a nebulous fourth quarter release in Japan, and hasn’t even been confirmed for localization yet. A man can dream.

Of course, that won’t stop me from enjoying these new scenery sceenshots, which showcase the wonderful Jutland Kingdom setting. I have to say I love these sort of fantastical setpieces, and Skies of Arcadia, as well as Ni No Kuni remain two of my favorite games to this day because of how damn stunning they look.

While I’d always take a new true blue strategy RPG any old day of the week, the new shift to action could actually work out well for the series and thrust it back into the spotlight again.

I’ll still replay the original every year or so, though.

Valkyria: Azure Revolution [Sega]

Chris Carter
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