Act 1 of Suda 51’s Sdatcher has been released

Some of you may be curious as how Sdatcher’s coming along since we first reported on it, and apparently it has begun. The first episode of this collaborative project between Suda 51, Hideo Kojima and Akira Yamaoka is now available for download.  Unfortunately, it’s all in Japanese. Maybe someday we’ll get an English version, though. If somehow you understand Japanese and will be at the Tokyo Game Show, you may have a chance to buy some swag on top.

You know the cruelest part of this? I HAD a Sega CD and I never got my hands on a copy of Snatcher. Instead I had the FMV Mighty Morphin Power Rangers game. God. Damn. It.

Act 1 Of Sdatcher Is Live [GameSetWatch]

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