ACSM rates EA Sports Active as an effective workout

The American College of Sports Medicine sets key guidelines on what constitutes a healthy lifestyle, recommending that individuals perform 30 minutes of moderate-intensity exercise five days per week, or 20 minutes of vigorous-intensity exercise three days per week, as determined by specific heart rate and oxygen consumption criteria.

According to a study by Dr. John Porcari from the University of Wisconsin, EA Sports Active meets the criteria. He says, “In terms of the intensity criteria, both workouts tested from EA SPORTS Active were sufficiently intense to be within ACSM guidelines.”

So yes, it really does work.

The study followed adults between ages 25 and 45, and measured the intensity and calorie burn of two pre-set EA Sports Active workouts: “Afterburner” and “Legs and Lungs.” Both workouts met the ACSM guidelines. So, by doing either one of them, you’ll get all of the ACSM’s recommended exercise benefits, including burning 200-300 calories a session.

While far from scientific, I tried the original EA Sports Active for two weeks to see what effect it had. I was definitely burning calories, but got more out of the increased energy I had throughout my workday after using the game in the mornings. I’m still an out-of-shape blogger, but I was less of one for half a month, thanks to the game.

Speaking of EA Sports Active, I had a chance to check out the sequel, coming this fall to the PS3 as well as the Wii. I have a preview coming soon, but you might be interested to hear that it uses arm straps with motion sensors as well as a heart rate monitor.

Dale North