Acquisitions Inc. is coming to Neverwinter’s newest event

This is a weird one, that’s for sure

Neverwinter’s newest event is uh… a tad strange.

Portobello’s Campaign is a series of missions inspired by Acquisition Inc.’s live Dungeons & Dragons sessions at PAX Prime 2015.

If you’ve never heard of Acquisition Inc. before today, it’s a live, annual one-shot D&D campaign run by Dungeons & Dragons story designer Chris Perkins at each PAX Prime event. You can watch last year’s game on YouTube, and it’s pretty dang entertaining.

Portobello’s Campaign sees Perkins and his alter ego Portobello DaVinci rope players in for an incredibly meta series of missions set in the actual table-top game. Your characters, enemies, maps, and bosses all become pieces on a huge table, with a behemoth Portobello looming over you like something from Attack on Titan.

As much as I love Neverwinter, it still took me a few watches of this trailer to get on board. The writing in the trailer isn’t exactly stellar, but it is incredibly camp, and reminiscent of what your average person thinks of when they hear ‘Dungeons & Dragons.’ Neverwinter’s always been self-aware of how daft a lot of D&D stuff can sound, so seeing it delve completely into cheesy territory should be entertaining.

While there is, unfortunately, no word of it coming to the Xbox One version, Portobello’s Campaign is a month-long event that will be starting on March 31 for PC.

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