According to Nintendo, the Switch outsold the Wii’s launch in two days

Now it’s time for the long game

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So, the Switch hype (and Superbowl commercial) paid off. The Nintendo Switch sold well. How well? We don’t have raw data yet, but it’s looking pretty good.

Nick Wingfield of the New York Times spoke to NOA president Reggie Fils-Aime, and got the lowdown. According to Nintendo the sales of the Switch in all of the Americas and Canada outsold the Wii over a two day period. Zelda: Breath of the Wild also took the crown for “most sold launch game” for Nintendo.

Breaking it down, that means the Switch surpassed 600,000 in sales in the same region. We can only assume Nintendo will give us hard sales data soon, likely in the form of a worldwide figure that sounds more impressive. In Japan, it’s estimated that they hit roughly 313,700 units sold.

So they followed through with the launch, now they just have to play the long game, not fumble the Virtual Console/online play, and continue to deliver a steady stream of first-party games and forge/foster third-party relationships along the way.

Good luck!

Nick Wingfield [Twitter]

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