Accessorize in style with 18 new Team Fortress 2 hats

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As brought to our attention by Destructoid community blogger thefil, Team Fortress 2‘s next big class update … isn’t an actual class update. Instead, we are getting hats, glorious hats!

They are coming in all shapes and sizes, and there will be eighteen of them for you to cherish. There is even a new arena map on the way, “Offblast,” which revolves around a missile silo lovingly packed into a mountain. But not just any mountain, oh no, we have reason to believe it’s an evil mountain. Scream.

For a brief yet insightful overview of the fascinating history of hats, please head on over to Valve’s TF2 blog where you will also be able to hear more about the latest content additions in the coming days. And for supplemental reading, check out some of these links.

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