Abusers of Home can be disconnected ‘at a machine level’

Sony’s director of the Home program, Peter Edward, told an audience at the Edinburg Interactive Festival about how abusers of the upcoming PS3 Home service can have their machines banned and disabled.

GamesIndustry reports that the worst abusers of Home would “have to move house and buy a new PS3 before they could get online again.”

“Ultimately we know a users details, we know machine details and we know where they live,” said Edward. “If you really feel like you’ve been abused or that someone has just shown wholly inappropriate behaviour then you are able to complain about it. If you really, really misbehave you can have your console disconnected at a machine level, so you would actually have to move house and buy a new PS3 before you could get online again.”

Sony admits that this is not something they would want to do very often, but it’s still somewhat scary to know that they could just “pull the plug” on users. Our guess is that it would only take a couple of instances of this before Sony started seeing really bad press pop up.

They hope that users will use communication blocking features so they don’t have to take these measures. 

[Via GamesIndustry – thanks, Justin]


Dale North