About damn time: No Doubt pack available for Guitar Hero 3

Rejoice my friends, this is a banner day for cheapskates the world over. You see, not only do we get a whole extra day for free tomorrow, but with no reasoning or warning given Activision has released a No Doubt track pack for Guitar Hero 3. Now those of us destitute enough to be stuck strumming sorrowfully on Guitar Hero 3, all while Rock Band rubs three heaping spoon fulls of salt into our collective wounds each week, can dust off our copies of Guitar Hero 3 and rock once more.

The No Doubt track pack (500 MS points) features masters of “Don’t Speak”, “Excuse Me Mr”, and “Sunday Morning” all from No Doubt’s Tragic Kingdom album.  This would be a perfect opportunity to complain about the fact that Guitar Hero 3 rarely gets new content, or the fact the songs aren’t available individually ala Rock Band, but honestly I’m so excited about not having to go over to someone else’s house to play new songs that until the final strains of the last No Doubt song ring out from my TV I am blind to the faults of Activision. Also, Gwen Stefani.


Qais Fulton